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★★★★★ Helped me lose 31 pounds!

These Valslides are amazing! Just follow her program and you will see results. For more workouts go to[...]. She sells all different types of programs. Fun routines that you will love. She helped me lose 31 pounds. My arms are toned, my legs have a nice shape to them and I burned a ton of fat with her cardio routines. I am telling you that you will be satisfied. She has trained many celebrities including Jennifer Garner. She is down to earth and gives many free workout programs as well. Enjoy them, they are lots of fun. -Sharon 


★★★★★ Effective and fun!

These make exercise fun again while packing a tough workout. -Kam Hadley


★★★★★ Extremely useful

There are so any excercises you can do with such a simple tool . A great addition to any home gym. -Chris Beck


★★★★★ Small but Mighty

Great tool to add to your at home work out arsenal. Learned how to use them in a variety of ways at my gym and now I've got my own set at home. 


★★★★★ Easy to use and portable!

After having 3 kids I need to get in shape! I take them to the gym and on the road. 


★★★★★ Quick and easy

Saw this in a magazine and ordered it to try. I like the fact that it works some muscles I didn't even know I had! You can do a 10-15 minute workout that works! 


★★★★★ Love them

I am a personal trainer, and I love these! Clients like it as well. -Anastasia


★★★★★ What a workout. Can totally feel it.

Did only 11 of these and could totally feel it. My bf did 40 and he's a gym rat. Definitely excited to be adding this to our routine! -Makoto


★★★★★ I love them!

It slides really easy on a carpet and let you flow right into an exercise. -Toni Rae Miller


★★★★★ Love these

The valslide offers a great, creative workout that is easy to take with you on trips. All you need is carpet! I have a personal trainer who does so many challenging excercises with these - they are great!


★★★★★ Excellent Product

Used this product in Physical Therapy for rehab of a hamstring tear and decided to purchase one for home as an adjunct to my stretching program. -Gene


★★★★★ I LOVE my Valslides

I absolutely Love my Valslides. I've lost 20 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 8 in 3 months following Valerie Waters program and using the Valslides. I use them for my lower body, upper body and especially my abs. -The Ford Family


★★★★★ The butt I always wanted!

I have the Valslide to thank for getting my butt into shape! Literally. I have used the Valslide for 2 years now and am still hooked on it! It is a simple product that I travel with, use at home and take to the gym. By following Valerie Water's workout using the Valslide I have more toned muscles than ever before. Some of the moves seem so simple but the next morning you realize they aren't! I use the Valslide for all types of lunges, chest, hamstrings, back, you name it! -Wendy


★★★★★ Helped me get in the best shape of my life!

The Valslides were a part of a workout program I did daily and they worked wonders! They were a bit tough at first (like any new workout) but I began to look forward to using the Valslides in my daily routine. A problem area for me being thighs and stomach - the Valslides helped both areas shrink up into a bikini ready bod! -Christen Anderson


★★★★★ I like lunges again!!!

My trainer always has me do lunges and they were so boring. And then he brought these sliders and lunging is fun again! He always has a different exercise for me to do with the Valslides...and some are so incredibly challenging. We use them for lunges, push-ups, stabilization exercises, etc. -Natalie Gossett